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RxAid brings efficiency and savings to the complex and often incomprehensible world of prescription medication. Users enter their location and medication, and the platform provides nearby pharmacies and prices.

The platform is written in Ruby and built to scale, leveraging 7 different APIs that pull data from pharmacies, pricing, members and more. As is our way, all fully-tested to ensure robust automated features such as email marketing perform as they should.

Going still further, we designed customer discount cards that are digitally delivered via text or sent via email. Built to save users to save money. and with specialized filters to streamline user searches, selecting dosage, quantity and more.

Quality Graphics
Easy to use from all favorite devices.

Built as s a mobile-first platform, it’s also uncommonly responsive on laptops and desktops and looks simply amazing everywhere because we paid particular attention to UX design.

Like everything we do, performing as advertised right out of the box and visually stunning.

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