This was our kind of challenge.

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We love coding. We really love it.

Already used by tens of thousands of business through the US, PayJunction is a powerful, secure paperless payment system to process credit cards and checks, generate email, print receipts, capture electronic signatures and securely store customer account numbers.

That’s a lot money and confidential data flying around. This was our kind of challenge; get everything where it needs to go working like it should.

We're PayJunction fans, using them for our projects for years. And they’ve seen how we approach coding in the custom API libraries created for them in NoodelJS and PHP, and the module for Magento that integrates with the PayJunction API.

We’re proud of code that clients can count on our code to be elegant, clean and ready to rock. Our success has inspired us to share great stuff with the developer community – giving back a little. We welcome a chance to help build the next great sites.

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We’re excited to be sharing our API libraries, and working in partnership with PayJunction to do it makes us feel good. You’ll find the links to them below.

If you don’t have a PayJunction account, here’s a little extra incentive to check it up and give it a try.

You can easily sign up and get special pricing for using the API.

We hope you find the libraries useful. Explore the links. All three have a README file that explains how to use them.

NodeJS Client Our NodeJS client wraps the PayJunction API ZIP | TAR | GitHub | NPM

PHP Client The PHP client is ready for you to integrate with your own applications ZIP | TAR | GitHub | Packagist

Magento module This module lets you interface PayJunction with Magento directly GitHub | Releases

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