Taking fan growth from

20k to 1m

transformed via
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  • SEO

lynda.com is the world’s largest online learning company. Their ability to help anyone to easily acquire software, design and business skills sure got LinkedIn’s attention – they bought them for over $1.5 billion. We weren’t surprised.

For years we’ve supported lynda in Social Media marketing, paid media automation and development of custom software. Now it was time to take it farther to take them higher.

Extraordinary Facebook Growth.

Developing a comprehensive social media strategy from Facebook to YouTube and all points between, the result is growth of fans from 20,000 to over a million in just over a year. Sustained by automated bulk uploads to YouTube and more.

Ad Buys that deliver results and ROI.

With custom applications interfaced seamlessly with existing lynda content, we created robust bulk-sheets to handle dynamic social media ad buys. A profitable, multi-channel presence with retargeted ads and automated CTAs, and more, plus measurement and reporting that’s easy to read, interpret, distribute and leverage into actionable, quantifiable results.

SEO performance like no one else

Rock solid and optimized SEO – that’s our way. The magic is in the hard work and attention to detail to do it. We audit. We test. We measure. We deliver. All with one thing mind: Our clients win.

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