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Medical Wins are rare – here’s a BIG one.

FinalWires has revolutionized orthodontia with breakthrough archwire technology for orthodontic finishing making a complex process faster, more accurate and reducing the labor required to do it.

A simplified, more profitable process.

A complete mapping of the product, with a unique 3D interface to view it before it’s machined, is available in any browser without special software.

Broadly functional, skillfully interpreting DICOM data, automatically grabbing and parsing patient information before sending it to the server, with account administration enabling review of all orders and tracking progress from start to finish with status updates.

Say hello to Orthodontic Drag ‘n Drop.

Each FinalWires product is a unique, custom design and we jumped in to provide users a superior experience; transforming a complex, cumbersome process involving collection, encryption and manipulation of confidential client data. The results exceed everyone’s expectations.

All of it built completely in Javascript and MongoDB with credit card payments accepted through Stripe.

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