Fast, efficient and built the way doctors work

transformed via
  • Information Architecture
  • UI Design
  • UX Research
  • Development

DermaSys is a full-service dermatology practice management application powered by simply beautiful software that even more beautiful on the inside. Fast, efficient and built the way doctors work, and yielding dramatic benefits for patients, physicians and staff.

Everyone gets richly detailed tracking without adding more time to the appointment. Win-Wins in the medical world are hard to come by, but here’s a big one.

We started by asking all the right questions.

After exhaustive research and interviews with practitioners and patients, we designed it all from the ground-up. Stunning UX, real-time tracking, and full integration with front-end software managing patient records, billing and more.

Doing more, faster and more efficiently.

A custom 3D Human Body Map can be rotated and spun, with pins identifying lesions, that can be tagged and reviewed, and photos uploaded to mobile devices or sent to special scanners.

Changes are efficiently logged, stored and easily visible and best of all, a full audit trail ensures full compliance. It’s a game-changing application built with doctors and efficiency in mind that truly serves patients better.

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